April 22, 2011

Earth Day & A Billion Acts of Green: It takes a community to keep the wave of enthusiasm going!

It is Earth Day 2011, intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for our environment. This year’s theme, “A Billion Acts of Green,” with the tagline “It’s easy being green,” encourages each of us to take small steps that will collectively have an impact. You sports fans can think about “collective action” like “the wave.”  It […]

March 19, 2010

A Nudge to the U.S. Federal Government on Communications and Behavior Change

Not wanting to sound pro-big government, but after reading the U.K. Central Office of Information (COI) “Communications and behavior change” I’m left marveling the benefits of such an integrating government body. The COI acts essentially as the U.K. government’s marketing department, supporting the communication needs of their government departments and agencies.  It leaves the U.S. federal […]