October 19, 2011

A Message to Netflix: ‘The consumer isn’t a moron; it’s me!’*

Woe be it to the marketer who starts deciding what’s best for their consumers without bothering to ask them.  I’m a consumer, and I am sure I know what I like better than anyone else, including marketers.  I’m even happy to tell marketers — if only they ask me. There are already many case histories […]

May 18, 2010

What Social Marketers, Sigmund Freud & Icebergs Have In Common

If you’ve ever attended a focus group session and listened to people try to explain why they make the decisions they do, you may have had this same thought run through your mind:  Boy, if Dr. Freud were only in this room with me, he’d have a field day. That’s because people say the darnedest […]