July 6, 2010

Getting your PSA groove on

The other night I had the pleasure of going to a jazz club.  I think jazz is a particularly wonderful form of music.  So, once there, I sat back to enjoy the evening and marvel at all those musicians playing to beat the band.  They all have to work with the same basic musical tools […]

March 19, 2010

A Nudge to the U.S. Federal Government on Communications and Behavior Change

Not wanting to sound pro-big government, but after reading the U.K. Central Office of Information (COI) “Communications and behavior change” I’m left marveling the benefits of such an integrating government body. The COI acts essentially as the U.K. government’s marketing department, supporting the communication needs of their government departments and agencies.  It leaves the U.S. federal […]

October 28, 2009

A Recipe for Good Fathering: One sword, a dose of love and plenty of time

That’s the key message in the recently named Best PSA, Swashbucklers, sponsored by The Church of Latter Day Saints. Media directors from across the country cited this spot as their pick to represent best practices among the PSA campaigns they receive and support. So what makes it a standout? In this movie trailer cum PSA, […]